• Gabriela León

What can you expect as a tourist now, during the extended sanitary emergency in Ecuador.

On June 15, 2020, the President of Ecuador declared the extension of the sanitary emergency for 60 additional days due to the continued impact of the epidemic Covid-19.

Now, for foreigners in Ecuador, the government allowed for tourists and residency applicants to regularize their situation when the sanitary emergency is over. Nevertheless, public offices are opening, international flights and transportation are now allowed, as well as transit between provinces.

So, as a tourist, when are you supposed to regularize your migratory status?

If you are asking yourself this question this is our advice.

First, do not panic.

It is a fact that you can be sanctioned if you overstay in Ecuador. When you enter as a tourist you have 90 days to stay and then you can extend your stay for additional 90 days (find more information about this in the following blog post https://www.juridicaleon.com/post/how-to-extend-my-tourist-stay-and-what-is-my-situation-as-a-resident-during-covid-19).

If you do not extend your stay, you can be sanctioned by either, not being allowed to enter Ecuador in two consecutive years, or, by paying a fine of two basic salaries (this year the basic salary is USD $400, so the fine is USD $800).

Now, the government has resolved that during the sanitary emergency, it is mandatory to interpret migratory rules in the way that will benefit persons the most (this precept is known in the legal lingo as pro homine principle).

This is applicable specifically for the situation of foreigners, tourists or applicants of residency visas. See the resolution in Spanish:

Download • 1.65MB

So, this means that in case of uncertainty or doubt in regards to your migratory status and during the sanitary emergency, your case should be analyzed and handled by governmental officials in the way that will benefit you the most. This could be waiving any types of sanctions if you overstay.

Now, that is the interpretation that should be applicable for all cases. Nevertheless, if you are thinking to stay longer in Ecuador or you are planning to come back, or you would like to apply for a resident visa here, we suggest to go through the process of extending your stay.

So, what is the process for extending my stay now in the renewed sanitary emergency?

During the renewed sanitary emergency the process for extending your stay as a tourist is now is online.

You need to send an email in Spanish to the following email address, servicios.migratorios@ministeriodegobierno.gob.ec, under the subject of “prórroga”, plus, attach the following documents:

  • Photo/ digital copy of your passport information

  • Photo/ digital copy of your entry stamp

If you require assistance with this extension, or require additional information regarding your case please contact us, we will be happy to help and we will reply to you within 24h. Gabriela@JuridicaLeon.com

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