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Stay in Ecuador: How to apply for an Investor Residency Visa in Ecuador during Covid 19

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Are you in love with Ecuador? Would you like to stay, live here for two years, be able to leave, and return anytime, for any period, and renew this Visa as often as you want? Then this Visa may be perfect!

Exceptional Residency Visa for Investors

With this visa, you are not obligated to be in Ecuador for 9 months per year, as some other Visas require. The Investors Residency Visa allows you as a temporary resident to remain in Ecuador for two years, and you can come and go as you please. You can also extend this Visa for any family members that depend on you economically.

Visa residency in Ecuador

So, who can apply for this Investor Residency Visa?

Any foreigner who wants to engage in any kind of investment or trade activity in Ecuador.

Any foreigner who will be engaged in activities related to sports, science, art, technology, innovation and other academic activities.*

Any foreigner who will be working as part of an industrial or commercial vessel crew.

What do I need to do to qualify to apply for this Visa? You must do one of the following:

Buy real estate in Ecuador.

Buy and invest in a real estate that is valued over 100 basic monthly wages, this year a monthly wage is USD $400, therefore, you will need to invest in a real estate over $40,000 USD. This real estate has to have a legal deed.

Invest in a company, corporation or business.

Invest in a company established in Ecuador 100 basic monthly wages. This year, an Ecuadorian basic wage is USD $400, therefore, you will need to invest a minimum of $40,000 USD in the company.

The legal business can be your own or a partnership, and it is required to be registered by the Merchant Registry (Registro Mercantil) and/or by the Superintendency of Companies (Superintendencia de Compañías).

Represent a company, corporation or business in Ecuador.

This Ecuadorian company must have a minimum capital of 100 basic monthly wages, which again this year is USD $40,000.

Be sponsored by a legal organization in Ecuador.

If any legal organization, for example, an academic or sports center, non-profit organization, a fundraiser, or business, sponsors you to be engaged in an activity related to sports, science, art, technology, innovation and other academic activities in Ecuador you can access this Visa.

It is not required that the sponsorship be monetary. You just need a sole agreement that proves that you will be participating with this legal organization engaging in the activities mentioned above.

*Please note that for the activities mentioned above, there is an exception. The Visa is only granted for 6 months, which can then be renewed.

Have a legal working contract or sponsorship of an industrial or commercial vessel.

If the main activity of the vessel is fishing, an additional fishing permit is required.

What other requirements will you need to meet?

Visa Ecuador

- Have a valid passport (that is valid for at least 6 months)

- Obtain a criminal record from the country or countries in which you have lived for the past five years. This criminal record needs to be Apostilled and have an official Spanish translation (contact us if you require this service)

  • If the country you have lived in has federal and state governments, you will need your criminal records from both. So you will need two separate criminal records.

- Prove that you have economical means that can support you and your family during your residency in Ecuador.

How much does this Visa cost?

The application costs USD $50, and if the Visa is granted the cost is USD $400.

If you are a senior, older than 65 years old, the Visa fees are 50% off.

If you have 30% or more of any disability, the Visa fees do not apply. You would be required to present a disability credential from the Ecuadorian Health Department.

If you think this Investor Residency Visa is for you, apply for it here in Ecuador or abroad with our legal advice!

If you need further information or you would like to start the application process, please contact us! We will provide a free consultation.


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