• Gabriela León

So, what is happening in Ecuador, legally, so far?

If you are living in Ecuador, have family or own a property here, it is important to know what are the legal measures that are affecting the daily life of society. Until now, here are the most relevant decisions that the Ecuadorian government has taken amidst the epidemic of Covid-19 #coronavirusecuador #quédateencasa #ecuador #covid19

Publicity of the UN-Ecuador

Resolution of the Emergency Operations Committee (COE), April 2, 2020.

· The suspension of international and inter-provincial transport is maintained.

· The prohibition of transit between provinces remains. With the exception if you provide a basic service (check this post to know more about this https://www.juridicaleon.com/post/in-covid-19-ecuador-is-taking-drastic-measures-what-are-they-and-what-can-you-expect-from-them).

· The suspension of schools throughout the month of April. Universities will continue their classes virtually.

· The ban of holding public events during the month of April and May.

· The commercial car repair services are authorized throughout the country.

Resolution of the COE, April 3, 2020.

· Starting on April 6, the circulation of vehicles to stock up on food, medicine and fuel must respect the following provision depending on the vehicle license plate:

Monday 1 – 2

Tuesday 3 – 4

Wednesday 5 – 6

Thursday 7 – 8

Friday 9 – 0

On Saturday and Sunday no private vehicle may circulate.

Resolution of the COE, April 4, 2020.

· The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health will set fixed prices to prevent speculation in food and medical products.

Resolution of the COE, April 7, 2020.

· Is required to use a mask in public spaces, but the use of the surgical mask N 95 it is forbidden, which should be used only for the medical community.

Mask N95

· If a person violates the curfew, the authorities will hold his/her vehicle. The same if the person missuses the safe-conduct of basic services providers.

Stay informed; starting from April 13, there will be a traffic light with different levels of restriction for the provinces based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health.

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