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How to extend my tourist stay and what is my situation as a resident during Covid 19

Since March 19, 2020, the Ecuadorian Government has allowed additional time for tourists in Ecuador - until June 15.

This means that you have been given almost 3 more months, in addition to the regular 90 days you are given as a tourist in Ecuador from the first day you entered the country.

If you are a temporary resident in Ecuador during Covid 19, the period of your residency has also been extended for this additional three months.

So, as a tourist, how can I extend my stay now?

In the past, once you have used your 90 days of regular stay you could extend your stay for an additional 90 days. This same process will be applied during the current situation of Covid 19, starting on June 15.

This means you will have to check if you have used all of the days on your original 90 day tourist visa, not including the additional days given (above).

For example, if on March 19th you still had 25 days on your 90-day tourist visa, then as of June 15th, you will have these 25 days plus the 30 additional days.

Now, If you want to stay in Ecuador longer, you will have to extend your stay.

So, what is the process to extend my stay in Ecuador?

You can extend your stay during the period of 30 days after your stay expires or within the 30 days given by the government from June 15.

You will need the the following:

A valid passport, and 1 color copy of your passport.

The invoice you receive when you pay the extension fee.

This form printed and filled out: extension form

The process is the following:

Pay the fee of USD $131.33 in the Bank of the Pacific (official Ecuadorian bank) for the extension, in Spanish “prórroga” for your stay with the code 4.6.

Head to a migratory police station office. Find the nearest one here:


What if I am in the process of obtaining my residency

during Covid 19?

All the terms and deadlines are suspended until June 15. So, from that date you can go to the office of the Department of Foreign Affairs where you have been arranging your residency and continue the process from where you were when everything paused on March 19.

What if I am an Ecuadorian resident and I am abroad

during Covid 19?

As of March 19th, the rule that only allows a temporary resident of Ecuador to be abroad for a 90 day period is suspended until June 15.

We provide legal advice for obtaining your extension as a tourist or for obtaining your residency in Ecuador, contact us!

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