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FAQ during Covid 19 in Ecuador

Actualizado: abr 20


1. Can I go for a walk, run or do sports in general, outside the curfew (2pm - 5am)

The short answer is no. Now, even if the right to recreation, leisure, to practice sports and free time, is recognized in the Ecuadorian Constitution, the Executive Order that enforced our current sanitary emergency restricts freedom of transit at the national level (read more about this and the exceptions in this post https://www.juridicaleon.com/post/in-covid-19-ecuador-is-taking-drastic-measures-what-are-they-and-what-can-you-expect-from-them?lang=en). That is why, for instance, access to public beaches and surfing is prohibited, like in the town of Montañita.

2. What are the sanctions penalties for walking outside, running or playing sports outside the curfew?

The Ecuadorian government has allowed each county's municipality to establish sanctions. The municipality of Quito for instance, sanctions with a fine of USD $100 if a person uses the public space for any activity that is not buying food or medicine, and in Portoviejo the fine is ranges from USD $400-$800.

Each municipality is implementing its own regulation regarding Covid 19.  For instance, in Portoviejo spitting on the street is also prohibited, and the fine ranges from USD $200-400.

3. What is the fine for not wearing a mask?

Since April 7, the use of masks is mandatory nationwide (for more details read this post https://www.juridicaleon.com/post/so-what-is-happening-in-ecuador-legally-so-far?lang=en). The fines are regulated according to each municipality. In Quito and in Portoviejo, the sanction is USD $100 for the first time you are caught without a mask, and USD $200 for your second offense. In Guayaquil, the fees are USD $80 and USD $160 for your second offense.

4. What are the sanctions for breaking the curfew?

The curfew is from 2pm to 5am everyday. The penalties for breaking the curfew are $100 the first time, $400 for your second offense, and you will be taken to prison if you break the curfew a 3rd time. (read more here https://www.juridicaleon.com/post/in-covid-19-ecuador-is-taking-drastic-measures-what-are-they-and-what-can-you-expect-from-them?lang=en).

5. Can the tourist sector use a safe-pass for its activities?  

Yes. According to the Emergency Operations Committee (COE), the Ministry of Government and the Ministry of Transport, the tourist sector is authorized to have a safe-pass for transiting. This includes, hotels, hostels, inns, and workers who provide related services services such as cleaning, food, maintenance, and supplies to this sector. This also implies transportation for tourist.

Additional documentation required: Credential or company identification card where you work or a letter from the employer (stating the RUC and signature of the employer) and ID of citizenship.

For more information regarding this point, feel free to contacting me.

6. When and how can Ecuadorian residents return to Ecuador?

At the moment, Ecuador is prioritizing the return of Ecuadorian residents who are minors, pregnant women or elderly. If you need assistance for returning to Ecuador, contact your closest Ecuadorian consulate (https://servicios.embajada.gob.ec/contactos-exterior/).

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