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5 legal tips for traveling to Ecuador and hosting tourists

Starting June 1st, 2020, airports in Ecuador will reopen for international and national routes. In Guayaquil, the airport will reopen for international flights on June 1st, and national flights on June 15th.

The government also announced that airports will only be functioning at 30% capacity, gradually increasing to full capacity over time. In addition, flights from countries that have high rates of Covid-19 infections, for example Brasil or Perú, will not be allowed until June 15th.

If you are ready to come back to Ecuador or visit our beautiful country, keep in mind the following tips, based on a protocol set by the Foreign Affairs Department and other governmental institutions. You can access the protocol here:
Protocol for passangers Ecuador_Spanish
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1. You are required to be in Obligatory Preventive Isolation (OPI) for 14 days.

Whether you have negative results from a PCR SARS-2 (Covid-19) test (more info on this below) or not, you are required to be in Obligatory Preventive Isolation (OPI) for 14 days.

If you do have a negative result from a PCR test, you are allowed to do the OPI in your home or wherever you will be staying. At the airport, you will need to provide details for where you will stay (number and address) to government authorities so they can monitor your fulfillment of the OPI.

If you have not taken a PCR test, you must stay in preventive isolation for 14 days in one of the hotels from an official list determined by the authorities (you can find the list of hotels here: https://www.turismo.gob.ec/comunicado-6/). In this case, you will need to cover the costs of lodging and food for the 14 day OPI, and you will be accompanied by the police directly from the airport to your hotel.

Hear the Ministry of Public Affairs on this issue here: https://twitter.com/MinGobiernoEc/status/1266366864520667138?s=20

Also, fast Covid-19 tests will be done by the government authorities in the airport. If your results are positive, you will have to do an OPI in one of the lodges established by the government (you can find the list of hotels here: https://www.turismo.gob.ec/comunicado-6/)

2. You must wear a mask when traveling.

Also, every person entering the airport will undergo a regular temperature test.

Passengers will be randomly chosen for Covid-19 fast testing at the airports. If the results of the test are positive, you will have to take a PCR test.

3. If you decide to take a PCR SARS-2 (Covid-19) test, it has to be within 72 hours of your trip.

The test has to be done in an authorized medical center or laboratory from the country you are traveling, and within a maximum of three days (72 hours) before your trip to Ecuador. The test results must be negative and you are required to present this result to the airline, and to the migration authorities when you arrive in Ecuador.

The only exception to this requirement is if any sanitary provisions in the country you are traveling from makes it impossible for you to take the PCR test. In this case, you are required to present written documentation that it is not possible to take the test.

Here is a helpful link with information about the PCR test,

(https://www.medicaldevice-network.com/features/types-of-covid-19-test-antibody-pcr-antigen/). Search for your closest health center or laboratory to find out how you can get the test.

4. If you have a lodging for tourists and would like to host people during their OPI, register your business here: (https://www.turismo.gob.ec/comunicado-6/).

5. If you own or work with an international tourist operator and would like to connect with other Ecuadorian tourist operators that are working with OPI, you can find a list here: (https://www.ant.gob.ec/index.php/component/content/article/2-uncategorised/2183-listado-de-operadoras-de-turismo-habilitadas-para-el-servicio-de-traslado-de-compatriotas-que-cumplieron-con-el-aislamiento-preventivo-obligatorio#.Xs6YIBNKiu7)

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